The Sassy Soul Band You Need to Hear


A popular eight-piece band is putting women’s issues centre stage in Melbourne, and Stored reviewer Holly Tippler thinks you all need to listen up.


With four part harmonies, sassy lyrics and the best synchronised hip sway since The Supremes, this incredible soul band is guaranteed to get you grooving until the very last beat - and keep you thinking even longer.

The Mamas form the front half of an eight-piece Melbourne-based band. Backed by musical ensemble The Papas, The Mamas are four of the coolest gals you could ever wish to meet. They perform under the names Sugar Mama (Emilia Schnall), Smoky Mama (Isobel Caldwell), Spicy Mama (Kaitlyn Secker) and Saucy Mama (Abbey Bradhurst) and my oh my, do these Mamas know what’s up.

After stumbling across The Mamas accidentally when they opened for another band, I was left wishing their opening set could last the rest of gig, and immediately followed them on every social media platform I could find.

Their lyrics are powerful; punching the patriarchy out of the park with sass, sarcasm and style. The Mamas take control of the stage and lead you down a fierce and funny path to empowerment.

Illustration by Holly Tippler

Illustration by Holly Tippler

Dealing with important issues in life, the lyrics of their songs are relatable but also very tongue-in-cheek. This provides an amusing yet educational outlook on topics commonly considered unapproachable, awkward, or uncomfortable. The musical approach they take allows conversations to be started, encouraging understanding and inspiring change.

I spoke to The Mamas about the content of their tunes, and they told me how their inspiration comes from a variety of places, from worldwide issues, to their own personal experiences.

They said: “We find that music and laughter are great ways to get conversations started around the issues that we’re passionate about; our shows often provide the perfect opportunities to educate our writhing, sweaty audiences about equality, empowerment, and self-love.”

When asked about their favourite subjects, the Mamas’ answer perfectly reflected their worldview as contemporary women performers trying to make a difference -  while having a whole lot of laughs:

“To give you a bit of an idea,” they said. “A few of our favourite topics are intersectional feminism, LGBTQI+ rights, staying well-hydrated, spreading love, cracking open a cold one with the boys, being proud to be a woman, locally-sourced organic fresh fruit and vegetables, chasing down fuccbois (which are increasing at an alarming rate), having a good laugh, and being yourself.”

Illustrations by Holly Tippler

Illustrations by Holly Tippler

The Papas, a bunch of extremely talented musicians who each have their turn in the spotlight, back the Mamas with instrumental solos that’ll leave you struggling to pick up the jaw you just dropped on the crowded d-floor. Bass guitar, lead guitar, drums, and keys combine forces with the incredibly polished vocals of the front-ladies to provide a rare audio and visual experience. The magnitude of having eight musicians on stage creates an intensity that cannot be matched.

While The Mamas succeed at writing entertaining, funny, and incredibly impressive music, they also hope their fans and new listeners take away a few important messages from their songs.

They told me their Three Mamas' Philosophies:

  1. Make no apologies for who you are.

  2. Mama's got you. It’s okay not to be okay; you’re not alone.

  3. Kindness and compassion above all, and don’t be a bloody dickhead!

The Mamas also suggest you “keep your whole body peeled and prepared” for their upcoming EP which will hopefully be reaching your eager ears within the year. Until then, they promise a single and music video are coming soon.

This is a unique and incomparable group that I would  - and will - recommend to every person I meet because not only are their tunes guaranteed to get you dancing, but the messages in their music will stay with you much longer. Their music motivates and unites the audience, leaving you ready to take on the world with a group of like-minded Mama fans in tow.   

If you don’t believe me, you can see what The Mamas already have to offer on Facebook, Instagram and their YouTube channel.