STORED BOOKMARKS: Newsletters of the Moment

Stored Bookmarks is our recommendation series for the can’t-stop-thinking-about cultural, current affairs and creative. Things we feel are too good to not be shared. 

“But what do I save to my bookmarks?” We hear you asking through the tiny camera with a very effective microphone we installed in your laptop. Well, when something you see, read, watch or listen to hits the trifecta - the sweet spot of inspirational, entertaining, and thought-provoking - that’s when you know. It’s a keeper. It’s needs to be saved. It’s a bookmark.

When something is SO GOOD, you force someone to find their phone in their handbag and write it into their notes: That’s something you save to bookmarks. When you actually use that “email this article” function on a news site? Save to bookmarks. 

Create a group chat just to share a link: It’s a bookmark. Use your precious mobile data to download, Bookmark. Tag all your friends, highlight in your Kindle, or screenshot for later - bookmark, bookmark, bookmark.

To kick off the series, we are revealing our bookmarked newsletters...


Delivered straight into your ‘box and easier to digest than probiotic coconut yoghurt, it’s no wonder newsletters are having a moment.

From smaller indie publications and individual writers, right through to the media behemoths, errbody’s sending out specialised, personalised and targeted electronic newsletters.

If you know Stored, you’ll know we love a good ol’ newsy. But not just our own (which you can subscribe to here). Nope. We also wholeheartedly love devouring the digital love letters of others, too.

So we thought we’d let you in on our favourite inbox guests and weekly/monthly digests:


The Spinoff’s The Bulletin


Get your daily dose of New Zealand’s biggest news stories condensed into an easy to read, conversational summary. Click through to the OG articles to read more, or smugly go back to your morning with the knowledge you are abreast current events.

Great for: News junkies and the news-curious. Fill yer boots with the day’s headlines, or take it to the next level and also fill yer handbag, tote and reusable shopping bag by clicking through to more in depth articles and discussions. Subscribe!

The Ann Friedman Weekly

Photo: Jorge Rivas

Photo: Jorge Rivas


The weekly wrap up from crazy-talented gender writer Ann Friedman. A regular in The Cut, The Gentlewoman, The LA Time, co-host of the Call Your Girlfriend podcast and co-coiner of Shine Theory (where a woman shines brightest when all women around her shine, too): Friedman is cultural force. Her no-nonsense approach to women’s rights and culture commentary has carved her a formidable career, and here you get access to her latest recommendations, thoughts and often hilarious hot takes.

Great for: Those who like to be pointed in the direction of features which make you think about and question the ideas, opinions and people shaping our world - all knitted together in Friedman’s signature witty and intelligent writing style. Subscribe!

The Lily Lines


International news which spans race, religion, and culture to bring a well-rounded dose of women’s happenings from The Washington Post’s women’s media arm. The Lily Lines arrives in your inbox twice weekly and does a fantastic job of drawing the women angle out of all international events.

Great for: Those who like to keep abreast of international goings ons, with a slant towards Americana and how women are featuring on the world stage. Subscribe!

Broadly's newsletter


Vice’s publication for women, Broadly, is targeted to the wokest of the woke, and offers remarkable insights into stories and cultural phenomena not covered by mainstream publications.


Great for: Those with an interest in intersectionality and who like to be up with the very latest buzzwords and thinking. Also features lots of horoscope-related content, if that floats your astrological boat. Subscribe!

The New Yorker Recommends


This one is a must read of more generalised, non-women-specific cultural and current affairs commentary. BUT, because The New Yorker is a hot haus of on-the-money commentary - there are women perspectives a-plenty included in such commentary. From wars and politics to reviews, satire, fiction and beautifully crafted personal essays, there’s honestly thousands of reasons why people carry those free-gift-with-subscription New Yorker tote bags with such pride.

Great for: Culture vultures who like to dive deep into issues, but also like pretty illustrations and snort-laughing at satirical hot takes.  Also check out The New Yorker's other newsletters, and subscribe, here.

Fast Company's Daily Newsletter


Bizzness! Stay abreast the latest tech and entrepreneurial start-up news from silicon valley with Fast Company. Quick to pick out and feature the Next Big Things while ensuring an intersectional balance of race, age, gender, culture and class (more than other publications, we reckon

Great for: The entrepreneurial inclined, or those who simply like to keep up with the Next Big Things. Subscribe!

New York Times' Gender Letter


A weekly take on news, trends and culture by The Times’s gender initiative. Not as in depth as other newsies, this still provides a great 

Great for: The time poor. This is a brief roundup of the week at NYT gender - offering great insight into the most pressing issues being covered at the home of great journalism. Subscribe!

The Marian Keyes newsletter


Who wouldn’t want a monthly email from the mother of readable rom coms? A conversational insight into Marian Keyes’ life, this newsy hits all sorts of spots. With book reviews, suggestions and other bits and pieces - this is classic Marian: Light hearted, engaging yet still leaves you pondering the way the world works.

Great for: Marian fans (so, everyone?) and those always seeking new tomes for their to-read lists. Subscribe!

The Belletrist Brief


Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss’s book club email features one female author at a time - providing a direct line into their mind. What inspires them, what has shaped them, their advice, their insights - and, sometimes, their favourite pair of shoes.

Great for: A quick injection of inspiration to your day, and for growing that to-read list. Subscribe!

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