WIN: 13 Books by 13 Inspiring Women Authors


As the age-old saying goes; “There is no such thing as a free lunch, but there IS such a thing as a free baker's dozen of books, written by some of history’s most incredible female authors - which can be all yours if you tell us in 300-ish words (or more) about a book that has empowered you.”

So simple. So catchy!

Thanks to the generosity of the team at Hachette NZ - we have a truly incredible, mind-blowingly beautiful set of 13 books, the Virago Press Modern Classics set - worth $325 - to giveaway.

Virago Press is renowned for being, “The international publisher of books by women for all readers, everywhere.” Their mission is to champion women’s voices - bringing them to light and helping to share them with the widest possible readership worldwide. Something Stored is well and truly on board with - and something we’re pretty sure you’ll be into, too.


The set features titles from the most prominent figures in women’s literature; Janet Frame, Antonia White, Nora Ephron, Elaine Dundy, Grace Paley, Mary Renault, Angela Carter, Rosamond Lehmann, Patricia Highsmith, Rebecca West, Zora Neale Hurston, Muriel Spark, and Elizabeth Taylor.


Each novel follows a female protagonist’s struggle through issues not commonly discussed - or even acknowledged - at the time they were written or set, or which presented an important and original take on the world.

In keeping with Virago’s mission, we are offering Stored readers the chance to win this set by sharing one of their own stories. A story about a story that made you stronger. Made you more empowered. Made you feel all the things.

It could be the last text book you read before you got your degree; the self-help book which taught you you don't need a degree; or your favourite childhood picture book which made you realise girls can do anything. It could be the book which brought you strength during a tough time, or the book which featured a strong, independent lead character who chain-smoked Marlboro Reds, had six partners at once, and spent all her money on ornamental pigs (if this book exists, please let us know).

Send your words to before August 2, and let us know if you would be happy for us to publish them with your name or anonymously.

And yes, the more books you share - the more entries you’ll receive.

This is without question a prize worth writing for!