What We're Reading, Watching, and Listening to in October

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The quietly groundbreaking piece of New Zealand television known as Alibi.

One for the fashionistas: Often wondered what future generations would wear to a party themed to the decade of your youth? Well, now the fashion forecasters reckon that line has been drawn - and it's been drawn by women wearing the pants. Or, specifically, wearing certain styles of trou.

The New Zealand Police’s (arguably, quite effing creepy) use of private investigators - and how they closely watch animal rights activists.

Online voting (yes, for real elections) coming to NZ? Perhaps.

Read: Hidden Women. If you have a spare ten or so minutes, we recommend you give this beautiful piece by Sarah Jane Barnett a go. She writes with elegance and honesty about her father, weight, her recent hysterectomy, and what womanhood means to her.


Read: If Bridget Jones penned her diary in a post-#metoo world.

Read: Da fuq is up with educational inequality? New research shows half of all university scholarships go to students from the wealthiest schools. And also, Stuff Circuit finds out more about the life and death of Prayer Ready, a down syndrome child subjected to beatings and solitary confinement at Gloriavale. New Zealand Police are also re-investigating the death of a Christchurch woman, doubt has been cast over her boyfriend’s account of how she died.

Watch: The Good Place on Netflix … sure, it’s not reeeeally anything to do with anything Stored-esque (the series follows the story of an afterlife mix up), but it’s funny, colourful, and very, very addictive. Also, you’ll learn about ethics and morality along the way … which is never a bad thing.

Listen: Dolly, Pandora, and ‘The Guilty Feminist’s’ Deborah Frances-White. Need we say more? No. We needn’t.

Watch this lol of a mockumentary (thank you Year 10 media studies for an opportunity to use that term) as The Spinoff’s Hayden Donnell tries to get some very important pieces of New Zealand’s history into Te Papa. That dildo that hit Steven Joyce in the face on national television should not be forgotten.

In news, a pregnant Chinese woman had to flee to NZ to avoid a forced abortion. The despicable case of the Kiwi man who has been a rapist since 15. The anatomy of a fake meth testing scandal that infiltrated the nation's psyche from tenant to landlord to government. NZ journalist Katie Kenny (follow her on the platformz if you're a news lover) deep dives into the business of data. Well, the business of buying and selling data about people, AKA us. How much is your data worth?

Vice New Zealand have made a documentary about women in New Zealand parliament and it’s a goodie. Obvs, or else we wouldn’t mention it. But I digress...

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We’ve had Bridget Jones rewriting her diary for a post-#metoo world, now we have Matilda at 30.

Aand while we have your attention, why not listen to a panel of kickass Kiwi women discuss what the #metoo movement means to them, now and after a year since it began?